Ad Funnel Performance

Ads can be fickle, so get the constant feedback you need to update and adapt your messaging.

Choose a direction for your ads.

If you have two or three competing ideas of what copy to use for an ad, Helio can help! Put the options in front of your customers to see which is the most enticing.

Choose a direction for your ads.

Measure how effective your placement is.

Helio can help you find how eye catching a banner might be on a website placement or the type of emotional response your ad is eliciting.

Measure how effective your placement is.

All your data points covered.

Helio ouputs a report that allow you to get both quantitative and qualititave data.

How satisfied are you with your bank's current mobile app?
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Very dissatis… Somewhat dissatis… Neutral Somewhat satisf… Very satisfied
Female Prefer not to say Other Male Gender
18-24 35-44 25-34 45-60 Age
Highschool College Graduate Some College Post Grad Education
Less than $40K More than $100K $40K to $100K Income
United States Canada United Kingdom Location
Negative Neutral Positive Mixed Sentiment Enterprise feature
Chose: Somewhat satisfied

“There are a few things that feel out of place. Certain options don't seem to fit what you see, making them hard to locate.”

Chose: Neutral

“It has all the features I need but it’s also very plain. Honestly, it could really use a bit of UX/UI work.”

Chose: Somewhat satisfied

“There are some options that are not available in the app and I need to do it through the browser. There are yet other features for which I need to call customer service.”

Chose: Very satisfied

“I enjoy the look of the software not to mention all the key features and solutions present.”

Chose: Very satisfied

“Very clear where things are, and very easy to navigate.”

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